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Five Minute Friday :: Here

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My daddy had a few pet peeves, and I remember a certain one occasionally when checking out at the grocery store. Daddy got aggravated whenever a cashier handed the receipt with a “Here you go …” I suppose he considered it a poor substitute for “thank you.” And now I notice that “here you go” instead of “thank you” is fairly commonplace, but I receive it with a smile as I imagine Daddy muttering under his breath.

In Daddy’s ears, “Here you go,” was dismissive – as in “move along now.…” But “thank you” was appreciative – as in “we’re glad you visited our store.” Pet peeves, including my own, are usually just minor annoyances. Even as Daddy grumbled about this, I didn’t see it as any big deal … “Here you go” rolls off the tongue just like “how are you?” But sometimes pet peeves reveal a state of the heart, and I think Daddy, like the rest of us, wanted to be seen and acknowledged.

Thinking about Daddy’s cause for aggravation reminds me of how easily I go through life in a dismissive way. In my rushing about, how often do I pause and see those around me? I long to move through my days with more awareness of the people and gifts that bestow life with sacred qualities.  I think about my relationship with my heavenly Father and how often I approach Him with a “Here you go” attitude:

“Here you go, God. I’m saying a casual blessing over my food.”

“Here you go, God. I’m reading a Bible verse this morning.”

“Here you go, God. I’m putting my hard-earned money in the plate.”

And then I walk away, and my “here you go” is meaningless. Perhaps I’m even hoping that God moves along so that I can get on with my business.

Heavenly Father, thank You for this simple reminder about gratitude. I confess that I often don’t take time to acknowledge Your presence and see Your gifts. In truth, sometimes I just want to focus on my own agenda. I ask for Your forgiveness and seek the help of Your Spirit in pausing, offering my true thanksgiving, and inviting You into every part of this day. Also, I ask that You would help me to see other people as You see them, never dismissively but as persons loved and valued in Your sight. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Here I am to worship and offer a thankful heart. Amen.

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