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Letters to my Daughter

“The tendency to compare, you see, isn’t limited to people in less-than-popular or less-than pretty or less-than-powerful places. Popular, pretty, and powerful people struggle with comparison too. It’s an equal-opportunity thief.

Even if you have everything in the world, comparison will convince you that you need more or you need to be more. It’s the oldest lie on earth.

My girl, you are already more than the sum of your parts or possessions.  You and your gifts are beautifully unique and significant. Of course Daddy and I think so, but you know what’s even better?” Read more – A Letter to my 6th Grade Daughter


“As you grow older, Daddy and I are increasingly aware that you don’t belong to us in a possessive kind of way. But you belong to us in a secure kind of way, meaning that we hope to give you the grace, confidence, and freedom to become the young woman that God has created you to be. Knowing the difference is not always going to come easily for us. God has entrusted you to us, and we entrust you daily to Him … Read more – You Belong – A Letter to my Daughter


” … as followers of Jesus, we must live in the context of the WORD and not the world. The world says “Your worth is based upon what you do.” The WORD says “Your worth is based upon what Jesus did.” Read more – You Are Important – a Letter to my Daughter


“The enemy wants to distract you from this high calling; he wants you to conform to anything apart from Christ, and one of his favorite strategies is to preoccupy girls with their outward appearance. It’s becoming increasingly true in our culture that image is everything and integrity is nothing.

But remember that God’s purpose is that you will become (and you will influence others to become) who you are truly created to be – an image bearer of God. His is the only image that truly matters. It is purity and goodness, grace and truth, joy and gentleness, justice and mercy, strength and patience. When girls help one another bind these traits upon the heart, their bonds of friendship don’t break….” Read more –

It’s Okay to Choose Starburst in a Hershey’s Word – a Letter to my Daughter


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4 thoughts on “Letters to my Daughter

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  2. These thoughts are precious! And what a gift to give your daughter, especially during middle school. Even if she is not very interested now, someday she will laugh and cry over these wise anecdotes from her loving mom. Wish I would have seen this idea ten years ago. 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

    • Thank you for reading, Debbie, and for sharing this encouragement with me! God is teaching me so much through the joys (and big challenges) of this time in my daughter’s life. Thanks for the hope that one day we will laugh and cry and be wiser through these experiences!

      • I’m really enjoying my early twenties children. We made it through some really rough patches – times when I was tempted to believe we wouldn’t make it through. But God is faithful in the good times and the hard times. He shapes our children according to His plan. You’re a good mom to share your heart the way you do with your daughter.

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