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A Woman of Vision

Written by Dale Hanson Bourke

Who is a Woman of Vision?

She is not necessarily a heroine or an organizer, a globetrotter or a speech maker, a politician or a leader. But she is a woman with a willingness to have her heart broken by the things that break the heart of God.

She is young or mature, married or single, a mother, grandmother, or a godmother who believes passionately that children are precious in any country of the world.

She is a woman who lives in a culture where much has been given to her: She is hungry only when dieting, she sleeps on the floor only when camping, she picks and chooses her food instead of begging for it. And yet she is a woman who under stands that to whom much has been given, much will be required.

A woman of vision may never meet the women she helps or hold the children she saves, but she believes that she is eternally linked to those around the world who lift up their cup and receive water in Christ’s name in part because of her efforts. And so she willingly steps out of her comfort.

She is an ordinary woman who believes in an extraordinary God; a woman who may be afraid and overwhelmed by the needs of the world, but someone who cares enough to stop and listen to the whispers and whimpers of women and children who have no advocates, no forums, no voices except their cries for help.

And she is a woman who is transformed by her gifts of time and talents and money into someone who is focused, more grateful, more wise and more understanding.

By stepping out in faith she discovers that she is involved in a mystical transaction, something that doesn’t register on the stock exchange or is measured on any scales, but a transaction, nevertheless, that changes her forever.

For women of vision are women who often tiptoe solemnly into the realm of hunger and hardship, but emerge skipping and smiling when they realize that they are not so much the donors as the recipients, not so much the haves as the have-nots, not those who have so much to teach, but those who have much to learn.

Women of vision stumble into this calling, not because God demands it of them but because He gently whispers their name asking only for trust and obedience.

How do you know if you are a woman of vision? It doesn’t matter what your background or education, your resources or your talents, your age or your station in life. Only one thing matters: A willing heart. If your offer that to God. He will give you a vision. And I promise you, you will never be the same.

Dale Hanson Bourke is an author and former World Vision, U.S. Board Member



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