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Speaking Life is a companion site, a place to affirm the value of life and the image of God in every person. I highlight my favorite links, authors, sermons, songs, and people who inspire me to be an advocate and encourager of life at all stages. Click {here} to go to the home page.

Here are some posts that are especially meaningful to me –

What Does Speaking Life Mean?

Yours Are The Hands And Feet

What It Means to Be Important {A letter to my daughter}

It Made a Difference for That One

Who Is My Neighbor? {Teaching Generosity and Gratitude}

Scripture Speaks Life

Blessing the Soul

Glorious {the elderly speak life}

Speak Life to the Thirsty


The Gift of Compassion

Leave Something on Someone’s Heart

Our worth doesn't come from what we


“Start There” {knowing God’s will}

Speaking Life Through Prayer

From Life’s First Cry to Final Breath

Speaking Life to Your Child


When There Are No Words

Do You Know God Never Says “Oops”?

This is Why We Need to Be a Voice

To Those Who Doubt They Have Anything to Offer

Why Life?

“Our voice in culture is ordained by God (3)





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