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Care {Five Minute Friday}


My sweet child,

Right in the middle of the week, you did it. You set this weary heart of mine on a new course.

Because when you surrendered your wadded-up bills and said, “I want to give,” I saw in you the graciousness and generosity that the Living Water pours into our hearts.  And sweetheart, after walking a long, dry road of serving and caregiving for a while, I was thirsty.

When you were smaller, you found it very hard to give, as most children do. But I see you growing into a young woman, earning your own babysitting money and engaging with a needful world across the street and across the sea. It’s Jesus in you; He’s giving you this compassion as a torch for your generation, and I pray that you will shine the Light of Christ in dark places.

When you saw a need and presented your offering, drops of Living Water fell soothingly on dried-out clay of my heart.

Could it be that caring is contagious?

I think yes. And so, my girl, I’m grateful that you interrupted my pity-party-of-one and infected me with a renewed compassion to knock out the complacency and entitlement that’s running viral in our world.

Thank you, daughter, for caring.



Kate Motaung hosts Five Minute Friday, a weekly gathering of writers who write for 5 minutes on the same prompt, this week “care.” Find the community and their fast & faith-filled words here.

Author: Renee Ratcliffe


4 thoughts on “Care {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Wonderful post. I, for one, believe caring is contagious.

    • Thank you for stopping here and taking time to leave a comment! I enjoyed your post as well – I like how you express your hope in the infinite possibilities that kindness and caring can create.

  2. I love you Mom!

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